Working table with pans

Product Description

Introducing the versatile Working Table with Pans, a kitchen essential tailored for Meat and Vegetable cutting as well as Food Processing. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, this unit not only ensures culinary precision but also simplifies your cleaning routine.

At the heart of our design is a stainless steel worktable top, reflecting our commitment to both functionality and durability. We employ top-grade 201 stainless steel, available in 18 and 22 gauge thicknesses, meticulously chosen to match your exact specifications. Safety and user comfort are our priorities, with corners expertly welded and polished to perfection, eliminating any sharp edges that could hinder your tasks.


But we don’t stop at surface excellence – our table’s underside features a soundproof wooden sheet, minimizing disturbances in your kitchen environment. Moreover, the 1″ adjustable stainless steel legs guarantee a level work surface, enhancing both stability and ease of use.

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