Hot Case

Product Description

Introducing our efficient Hot Case for gas and electric, available at Kbe Kitchen. This versatile appliance contains 1 and 2 heaters and pilot lights, making it suitable for both gas and electric use. Here’s why our Hot Case from Kbe Kitchen is the ideal choice for your kitchen:

Our Hot Case is meticulously crafted from premium 201 Grade stainless steel. The use of 18 and 22-gauge materials ensures that it meets your specific requirements, guaranteeing its longevity and ease of cleaning.

We’ve taken extra care in the design of our Hot Case. The corners are expertly welded and polished, ensuring there are no sharp edges that could pose a risk. High-pressure gas fittings are securely installed for your peace of mind.

Our Hot Case is equipped with 1″ adjustable stainless steel legs, ensuring that your unit is always level and easy to use. If mobility is a concern, we’ve got you covered with heavy-duty imported wheels, customized to your specific requirements. This means you can move the Hot Case with ease, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Kbe Kitchen takes pride in providing high-quality stainless steel products. Trust us to enhance your kitchen’s efficiency and safety. Explore our range of stainless steel kitchen equipment and elevate your culinary experience today