Frying Karahi

Product Description

A fraying karahi, also known as a kadai or karahi, holds a significant place in South Asian and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. This versatile cooking vessel, reminiscent of a wok but distinguished by its deeper sides, is crafted from sturdy materials like cast iron and stainless steel.

The karahi’s shape and size exhibit a round or oval form with a flat base, coming in various sizes to suit diverse cooking needs. Its substantial depth lends itself to deep frying and accommodating dishes with ample liquids, such as flavorful curries and hearty stews.


Crafted from materials like cast iron or stainless steel, traditional karahis coexist with more modern stainless steel versions. These material choices bring unique advantages to the cooking process, influencing the flavor and texture of your culinary creations.

Handles on karahis vary; some boast long handles on either side for easy handling and transport, while others sport two small handles akin to a wok, allowing for versatility in the kitchen.

Frying Karahi find their place in the kitchen for a multitude of cooking methods, from deep-frying to shallow frying, and preparing a wide array of dishes. They shine brightest in the preparation of stir-fries, biryanis, and a myriad of curries. The broad mouth of the karahi accelerates moisture evaporation, rendering it particularly suitable for sautéing and reducing sauces.

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