Product Description

Introducing the Brazilian Barbecue Grill for commercial kitchens at KBE Kitchen. Designed for coal grilling perfection, this grill is your go-to choice for grilling chicken, meat, and fish. It’s equipped with a powerful three-phase motor to effortlessly rotate the steel rods for even cooking.

Crafted from durable 201-grade stainless steel, you can choose your preferred gauge thickness from 18, 16, or 14, ensuring it meets your exact requirements. The corners are meticulously welded and polished to eliminate sharp edges, guaranteeing safety and convenience in your kitchen.

The pit, constructed from robust 14-gauge M.S material, provides a sturdy foundation for your grilling endeavors. What sets this grill apart is its exceptional insulation – the entire pit is lined with fire bricks and grass wool, ensuring consistent and efficient cooking temperatures.

To make maneuvering this grill effortless, we’ve installed a heavy-duty wheel set, allowing you to position it wherever you need it in your commercial kitchen.

Choose KBE Kitchen’s Brazilian Bar B Q Grill for a top-tier grilling experience that’s both functional and durable, designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial kitchen.