12 Volt Deep Freezer

Product Description

KBE Kitchen offers a 12 Volt Deep Freezer made of stainless steel, designed to serve various applications, including commercial use in contexts such as catering or mobile food service.

This deep freezer operates on a 12-volt DC power source, making it compatible with mobile and off-grid applications. Its construction primarily consists of stainless steel, providing durability, cleanliness, and resistance to corrosion.

The deep freezer provides information about its internal volume and storage capacity in liters or cubic feet, ensuring you have a clear understanding of its storage capabilities. Efficient insulation is integrated into the design, ensuring optimal temperature retention and energy efficiency.

The deep freezer specifies the temperature range it can achieve and maintain, ensuring it meets your specific cooling needs. The type and specifications of the compressor are provided, ensuring efficient cooling performance. It offers adjustable thermostat or digital temperature control, allowing for precise temperature settings to suit your requirements.

A secure latching mechanism ensures a tight seal, helping to maintain cold temperatures and protect your stored items. The presence of LED or other interior lighting enhances visibility inside the freezer, making it easy to locate and access items.

The deep freezer comes with specific measurements for width, depth, and height, ensuring it fits comfortably in your intended space. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about KBE Kitchen’s stainless steel 12 Volt Deep Freezer, it is recommended to contact them directly through their official website or by reaching out to their customer support. This direct contact will provide you with the latest details and specifications tailored to your specific needs.

Product Description

Introducing our Bar B Q grill/ Table Top designed for commercial kitchens. This grill operates on coal and is ideal for grilling chicken, meat, and fish to perfection.

We use high-quality 201-grade stainless steel with material thickness options of 18, 16, or 14 gauge to cater to your specific requirements. The pit is constructed from robust 14-gauge M.S material, ensuring durability.

Our grill is built with attention to detail. Corners are expertly welded and polished to eliminate any sharp edges, ensuring safety. The entire pit is insulated with fire bricks and glass wool, enhancing safety and heat retention.

We’ve equipped this grill with a heavy-duty wheel set for easy mobility, allowing you to position it as needed. The 1″ adjustable stainless steel legs ensure level placement and easy cleaning underneath, promoting a safe and sanitary kitchen environment tailored to your requirements.

Elevate your grilling experience in your commercial kitchen with the Bar B Q grill from Kbe Kitchen. We prioritize quality, safety, and customization to provide you with the best tools for your culinary needs